The Icarus Trophy

The toughest air race on earth

The Icarus Trophy

The Icarus Trophy is a whole new breed of air race. 1000 miles of adventure, just you and your machine vs the skies. This is the toughest air race on the planet and by the gods of the sky, does it deliver.

Split into ‘Adventure’ and ‘Race’ divisions, it’s as challenging for pro-pilots as it is accessible for a newbie.

In 2019 Brazil is hosting the race with the most remote and incredible course in Icarus history.

If you’re keen to sample the Icarus waters we run the X Series around the world. Weekend-long slaps about the face of the Icarus-ness.

The Paramotor

If you’re unfamiliar with paramotors it’s probably what Superman would use to get around if he was from Clapham instead of Krypton.

Essentially it’s a bit like paragliding, but with a fan strapped to your back. It is pretty much the most exciting and accessible form of flying invented since the Wright brothers wobbled into the air.

Despite first appearances, they’re also surprisingly safe as long as you take precautions and use your noggin. The toenail-curling thrill of soaring above some of the best landscapes on the planet is something few humans have yet experienced experience.

The Unroute

The Icarus Trophy is unlike any other air race. There’s no carefully marked GPS line. Because that would stop it being tough or an adventure and starts to be just a little bit… well boring. On the Icarus, a huge area of adventuring is defined between the start and finish lines for you to get lost and stuck in. You might be camping rough wrapped in your wing for warmth one night and staying in the barn of a farm you landed in the next.

The Trophy began its life over the skies of America, migrated to southern Africa in 2018, and for 2019 will descend upon Brazil. Our team are heading to Brazil right now for a test trip and will report back shortly.

All we do know is that the Icarus Trophy will march on until the sky above is alive with the sound of oversized desk fans and faint screams of delight.

A Race Of Two Divisions

The race is split into two categories.

The Race Division pilots are gunning for the win. You have to travel to the finish line only by the sky and can have no outside support to get there. and must carry everything you need on your person. You can buy stuff that is available on the route. Pilots are timed and ultimately it is the first across the line who wins.

In Adventure Division you’re simply hoping to make it to the finish line and have the greatest adventure along the way. We don’t care when you get to the end or even if you do. We care that you had the greatest possible adventure along the way.

Find out more about the rules by getting the more info pack.

The Support

Probably the key part of any adventure is the adventurous bits. And that means setting out into the world and fending for yourself. It starts to remove all the fun bits, like “where the hell will I sleep?” or “what do I do now I’ve run out of fuel here?” And it starts to become a bit of a guided tour.

You’ll be given a satellite tracker complete with a fancy SOS button so Race HQ can track you. You’ll receive specialist weather reports, plus there is a spares truck following the course and offering extraction if it gets that bad, which it hopefully won’t.

The History

The sky simply wasn’t the limit when Adventurists founder Tom Morgan, literally, dreamt up the Icarus Trophy. He awoke sweating and grinning from ear to bloody ear. ‘I’ve got it!’ he cried, to which we all thought he meant that skin condition had come back again. Turns out, he’d come up with quite possibly the toughest race the skies have ever seen.

After quite a bit of non-existent training and a touch of practice, it wasn’t long until Mr Tom managed to get himself airborne, and he knew for a fact that history was born.

Just like Richard Hammond’s life insurance, the race started small and is growing at an almost alarming rate. By 2021 we expect fourteen thousand pilots* to be taking part.

*numbers completely and utterly made up